About Us

What do you get when you attend a Pop Farmers show?
Expect big, sloppy guitar chords and upbeat power pop covers from bands you know, bands you kind of know, and bands you've never heard of.  You'll also get big three-part harmony vocals along with enough rhythm to keep your toes tappin' and your booty shakin'. We've got a lot of musical friends who like to jump up on stage and play with us, so our lineup will range from a three-piece to as many seven. But, for the most part, our lineup is a pretty solid quartet.
Here it is:

  • Dan "D-Mo" Moran  -- Bass, Mandolin, Vocals -- Along with Jim, lays the foundation upon which Tyler and Gary can dance around. Although he's always wanted to be Keith Richards, Dan's always been a bass player. He digs the big bottom. He also digs the High Lonesome, having recently picked up the mandolin, which adds a unique sound to the Pop Farmers's set list.
  • Jimmy "Three Pints" Mahony -- Drums, Vocals -- Jimmy is the glue that keeps the band from flying apart at the seams. He keeps the beat and knows how to keep the rest of the band in line. After years of being the silent Pop Farmer (at least on stage), Jimmy has recently begun singing more tunes and is damned good at it. We think we'll make him sing more. Just don't tell him. 
  • Gary "Mr Brightside" Blaisdell -- Guitar, Bass, Vocals --  The nicest of the Pop Farmer, and he brings years of experience as a bass player with the Ballou Brothers Band to the band. And, while he's a monster bass player, Gary's switched over to guitar with us, and his style fits in perfectly, keeping a solid rhythm and ripping off tasty leads when the need arises. You get a taste of Gary's bass playing when Dan plays mandolin.
  • Tyler "T-Mo" Moran -- Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Vocals --  That's right...another Moran, playing the same instruments! Tyler is very fine multi-instrumentalist,  Dan Moran version 2.0 if you will.  We are lucky to have him round out our roster! Watch for the upcoming side project "Moran-Moran" a steam punk Duran Duran tribute band coming to Holiday Inn near You!!!